SRX Pricing

How does SRX Pricing Work?

Pay as you go with a dynamic pricing system that adjust with customer usage.

Storeroom Logix uses a monthly pay-as-you-go model based on the hardware distributors have deployed. With Storeroom Logix, distributors can purchase and resell SRX hardware to customers, then only pay fees for the hardware being used. Deploy, un-deploy, and re-deploy for a different use, but only pay while the hardware is in service. There are no termination fees or minimum requirements. You can start small and scale seamlessly with Storeroom Logix.

Our dynamic price model shifts with the customers’ business. In reality, customers need to stock parts that do not always turn. Distributors have a hard time justifying paying a monthly fee to manage inventory that is not being reorder. Storeroom Logix’s software monitors the activity of SRX hardware and will automatically shift hardware into Slow or Frozen state based on hardware inactivity, reducing the monthly deployment fees.

How It Works

Add as you grow, pay as you go.

Pay less, for using more triggers.

Scaled pricing for slow
moving inventory triggers.

Multi-Vendor managed RFID & Locker hardware for efficient use of capital and space.

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