How Does SRX Work for Distributors?

Build your VMI machine to increase business and decrease labor.

Reduce operational costs and optimize the bottom line.

The Distributor Portal is web-based software that allows distributors to build their own VMI workflows and create a data connection between their ERP system and Storeroom Logix. Distributors can easily create and manage customer’s VMI lists and deploy SRX hardware. The SRX Distributor Portal offers distributors web-based line of site in to all VMI activity with additional reorder intelligence.

Build your account, sync your data, load your customer’s VMI list, and tell the Distributor Portal where and how you would like your customers’ reorder quotes and orders to be sent.

Connect. Order. Save.

Interact with our features by clicking on the icons below

Store Smarter

Keep VMI data organized, up-to-date and accessible to others within your organization.


Customize Your VMI

Brand your solution and tailor it to fit each of your customer’s needs.


Manage VMI Transactions

Eliminate the hassle of managing backorders using our Order Status API.


Smart Hardware

Configure and deploy hardware to do the work for you.


Automated Ordering

Reduce time spent entering VMI quotes and orders using EDI, SFTP or our APIs.


SRX Analytics

Reduce under or overstock by providing intelligent data to your customers.

Savings Calculator

Our Savings Calculator allows you to evaluate the cost savings of using the SRX platform over traditional management practices.

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SRX Pricing

Storeroom Logix’s dynamic pricing model lets you pay as go, based on what is being used. Start small and add as you grow.

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ERP Integration

Streamline your data and VMI workflow. Storeroom Logix offers different methods of integration so all distributors can sync data.

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Design the Right Fit VMI for every Application

Interact with our virtual facility below by clicking the hot buttons to see how to create a “Intelligent VMI” with our different hardware. Follow the color coded legend to see how distributors and customers can standardize on our platform to create an agnostic VMI solution.


Manage office supply and customer owned assets like thermal imagers, gloves and tools. Track who has what and send alerts when material has to be returned.


Use the SRX Labels and Buttons to manage inventory in existing cabinet and drawers as either CMI, VMI or a combination of both.


Full traceability of your entire storeroom. Our agonistic RFID solution lets customers use the same RFID reader to track inventory usage and reorder for multiple distributors.


Our agnostic Locker solution is great to maximize the space in a vending machine. The customer can assign doors to a specific distributor and even manage their own parts like E&I equipment.


SRX Labels and Buttons are great for quick reordering. Use the SRX Cellular Buttons anywhere a cell phone would work for one click ordering.


Manage free vend inventory with a CMI, VMI or combination of both. Products will be added to the customer’s reorder list when scanned with our smart phone SRX app.