SRX Reorder Buttons

Programmable buttons for click to order ease.

Think about the number of times a week you check a bin, just to confirm there is still product in the bin. What if you could eliminate the entire bin stocking process. Storeroom Logix Reorder buttons allow your end-users, the people who use the product, to tell you when they need more.

Have remote inventory or area where users are not permitted to walk around the plant? No problem, thats what the buttons are for. SRX reorder buttons are good for up to 2,000 clicks. If you click it every day, thats 5 1/2 years.

How It Works

Load VMI List for
your customer.

Assign Distributor SKU to a
button using the SRX App.

Press the button to reorder.

Review reorder list and
submit it as a quote or order.

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